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    Custom made Hydraulic Cylinder

    We manufacture Hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of applications optimised for almost any sector.

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    Application Sectors

    Hidromec develops high-level engineering products for industrial applications designed according to your needs.

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The company

Since 1976, year of its foundation, Hidromec srl designs and realizes special Hydraulic cylinders. Know-how and technical staff engineering skills, joined to intrinsic quality embedded in working phases, plus accuracy in final product testing, have anytime distinguished Hidromec srl between its competitors as experience has resulted in the design and manufacture of a complete cycle of quality hydraulic cylinders for several applications.

Nowadays all of these key factors and skills still remain the benckmark of Hidromec production: his choice to stay focused and provide high quality products allowed the company to reach ambitious goals and important achievements that supported an on-going presence of Hidromec Srl within international key-markets.

Example of applications are in the Mobile industry: mobile cranes, aerial work platforms, compactors waste, machinery foundation, tunnel drilling and crushing; steering and lifting in the Shipbuilding industry; another important part of the production is the 'Fixed sector' in which Hidromec produces typically presses, plastic injection, filter presses, presses for semiconductors, river dams, and Civil engineering solutions used for barrages, gates, Hidro-electric stations and A-seismic systems for building and road bridges. Hidromec realises as well high quality cylinders for special purposes like cylinders equipped with electronic accessories, linear transducers, proximity sensors and pressure transducers.

Why Hidromec?

  • 1

    30 years of experience in quality and solution supplies for customers needs

  • 2

    We have skills for developing and producing hydraulic cylinders for an extensive variety of applications

  • 3

    We supply best quality products at the best price on the market

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    We strive for the best quality to achieve optimal customer satisfaction

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    We adhere to quality and environmental standards

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    We deliver timely and accurately and respond promptly to every after-sales customer need

News at Hidromec

Visit our website and discover all the tailored solutions Hidromec can offer to your business!

Also this year Hidromec partecipated with the Modena chamber of commerce at the Hannover Messe expo

Our engineers design custom made cylinders with specific requirements. Ask now for a prototype that meet your requirements.


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